Monday, 16 April 2012

Product Review: Wooden Transporter Lorry

We thought we would share this fabulous review of our ever popular transporter lorry with you,

This amazing lorry keeps my son (aged 2.5) amused for hours, he loves brumming his cars up and down the ramp and using his small vehicles to load up on the transporter too. His brother who is 5 also loves playing with it so I can see we will get loads of play value out of it. We are always stuck as to what to get Jake as his older brother has lots of things and most things that he likes are too old but this lorry is suitable for younger children whilst still fun for older ones. Great value for money, great quality and really sturdy which is a must for my boys!

Wooden Transporter Lorry £20.99
Thanks Sarah, really glad your boys like the wooden transporter lorry, we bought this my son for his 2nd Birthday and was still playing with it at 6 ! its now passed down to my Grandson and is still played with daily and going strong 5 years later, now that's what I call value for money!

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