Sunday, 15 April 2012

Great Traditional Travel Games.

Last week we took the opportunity to go on holiday in a caravan, you know the ones where you save the tokens from the paper.
We have been doing these for the last umpteen years with the kids and have only been disappointed once.
This year we didn't have much choice as we wanted to go in the Easter holidays, actually we didn't have any choice as the only one left and available was a Park Resort Holiday in Withernsea (York's)
We decided to upgrade to the Gold accommodation (so glad we did!) The park itself was nice, clean and quiet. It had a mix of caravans, tourers and a few hardened campers!
The weather on arrival was atrocious, but as a family we love these holidays as your away from too much technology and making your own entertainment is all part of the fun.
Pick Up Sticks £2.99
We took a few 'old fashioned' games with us that all the family could play when it as too wet to go out, pick up sticks (the men/boys love this one!), Jacks, Dominoes and Mini Skittles.
When the weather cleared we spent most  of our time at local attractions or walking and climbing along the beach playing skimming in the sea or searching for nice stones.
Jacks £3.99
Skittles (Also vailable in Fairy) £6.99

Dominoes £4.99

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