Thursday, 28 May 2009

Magical Photo Portrait by Enhance-Me

WOW is all i can say! This image was created from just an ordinary photograph by the very talented Victoria Dixon of Enhance-Me.
I have admired Victoria's work for a while and thought with Fathers day coming up (June 21st) what a lovely idea for a unique bespoke Fathers day gift for my husband. The process couldn't have been easier and i was amazed at how quick and easy it all was. All i had to do was email Victoria a couple of images of my son and select what theme we liked and Victoria came up with this wonderful fantasy image. My son was equally impressed although a little confused and said "is that me! when did i ride on a dinosaur?" he loves the photograph so much he wants it enlarged for his bedroom.
Enhance-Me do a fantastic range of themes for both girls and boys and also have some wonderful family themes.
Win a Magical Photo portrait PRINTED in POSTER dimensions!
All you have to do tell me how many different themes there are currently in the Holiday Gallery for Father’s Day?
Closing date is 5th of June 2009


Unknown said...

That's fantastic! And what a gorgeous picture of him - it's the one where he's on his dad's back isn't it?

Toniann said...

Yes Dawn, thats the one! its magical isnt it!
Cameron keeps looking at it lol i dont think he still "gets" it !hehehe