Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Number Crunching Day

Today has been a day dedicated to getting up to date with some of our accounts, a job I have been avoiding like the plague. Today has involved lots of sorting out, paperwork and number crunching instead of my usual pastime of sewing and creating. Luckily I don't have to rely on an abacus as my trusty spreadsheets do most of the work for me but I adore this lovely traditional abacus in bright colours which my son has found really useful for helping him out at his maths homework.

I love a little back ground noise when I'm working and have an eclectic mix of tunes to play so first on was my Ultimate Chill Out CD followed by The Beatles, Shania Twain and The Best Of Motown (I told you it was eclectic!) On the side was a lovely big pot of tea Which only added to me daydreaming about sewing a tea cosy ? Never made one before so I have added that to my growing list!

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