Monday, 13 June 2011

Craft Fairs and Rain :(

Its seems as though the past few Craft Fairs we have attended have all been spooked by the weather its either been rain, wind or even worse BOTH! On Sunday setting up at Hickling Country Fair it started to feel that we were on the set of the Addams family and we had a bit black cloud following us, that was until the damp wet camaraderie of the Craft marquee made us all smile....if you can't have the flying gymnasts and the marching band in the outside arena then what should we do ? bring it all inside! Customers had more or less finished their shopping in the craft tent so we cleared the aisles and set up "stage"

Our best sellers of the show were our traditional rag dolls and pop guns! it seems you only have to sell one and all the other children hear it and want one too !

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