Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another Outlet

Its always good to explore other avenues at which to sell your products, at the moment I sell via (in no particular order lol)
1,Crafts Fairs
2, Events such as Baby Shows, Steam Rallies/Dogs Shows/Boat Shows and Festivals
3, Shop (rent space)
4, Our Website Knot Just Jigs
5, Amazon
6, Ebay
7, Wholesale
8, Charity Events
10, Markets
I also have account with craft selling sites MISI (Make It Sell It) and wowthankyou but haven't got around to uploading things on to them yet as they are specifically for handmade items these require me to keep stock and as quick as I make things they sell ! (I am not complaining though)
I don't sell all my products at each of the places on the list, I set my "stall" accordingly.
Are there any places that you can think of that would be a good avenue to explore or that has worked for you ?
Today we became a new stockist at a local shop that has recently opened in Eastwood, Mummy's Bump and Beyond by a lovely chap called Darren, his shop is an eclectic mix of handmade (by other work at home parent's) vintage homely products and pre-loved high quality children's clothes. At the back of the shop is a specially built photographic studio where Darren offers family shoots at a very reasonable price.
Here is a picture of our space showcasing a small range of our lovely traditional toys at Mummy's Bump and Beyond.

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