Monday, 28 November 2011

scheduling, do you do it?

It feels like an absolute age since my last blog post, my apologies. I always have lots of good intentions of keeping it up to date, I even have a list of subject post I would love to write but sadly I never get around to it as I am always playing catch up with my website up-keep, orders and general family goings on. I have just found a "schedule" tab on my blogger template, so what I might try and do is dedicate a day a month writing all the things I have been planing and then schedule them to come out periodically! Being a total techie I am not sure if this will pan out but hey ho we an give it a go!
Do you schedule your blog posts, tweets, face book updates ? if so does it work well for you and what bits of advice would give ?

I just wanted to share some great blog images I came across whilst googling "blog images"


Elaine, Littlesheep Learning said...

I schedule posts / have lots of draft posts hidden waiting for the right day... Try it and see if it works for you

Toniann said...

Thanks Elaine, I have so many ideas etc about blog posts but get cross with myself for not writing them! lol
Do you write them in word and then copy them over or write them in your blogger and save them before publishing ?