Thursday, 18 August 2011

Legoland Windsor

I haven't blogged for a while so I thought I would let you know whats been happening and where we have been. Most recently (Tuesday 16th to be exact) we went to Lego land at Windsor, not my usual idea of a day out as I am not great on rides and cannot stand being ripped off by over commercialisation but what a fabulous surprise, we had a spectacular day.
Money has been tight and we had some trusty Tesco vouchers so decided that as we had never been to Legoland we would "spend" them on a good day out. At £13 of vouchers per person entry I hoped it was going to live up to all its hype. There were 8 of us in total, my Sister and family coming too and we got a great deal of a hotel in Ascot through De Vere (£40 per family room per night INCLUDING breakfast, which was absolutely blummin gorgeous!) .

On entering the park at 9.30 I had butterfly's with excitement! we boarded the train to The Land of the Vikings and speedily set off on a day full of rides, games, entertainment and excitement. The children and adults all enjoyed the experience (2 x 16 year old included!) and we left (well got chucked out) at closing time weary but exhilarated. We certainly wasn't disappointed and it wasn't as much as a rip of as I thought it would be, £3.75 for a HUGE hot dog, £2.10 for a cone of chips? I think this is ok for a treat on a day out. The only bone of contention was there wasn't much on offer for my veggie daughter, we had taken a picnic but this had all been eaten early on so we didn't have to carry it about.

I asked hubby and the kids on the way home to score Legoland out of 10 here's the results
Mum 8/10
Dad 9/10
6 year old 9/10
16 year old 8/10
I think this means that Legoland is a hit with the Harwood family and we will definately go again!

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