Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Traditional, Old Fashioned Toys

My 6 year old son is doing a topic about old fashioned toys at school, a subject of obvious interest to me!So we have spent some time looking through Mummys shop to see what he could take to talk about and we also searched his toybox (as he has road tested the majority of our toys at some point) to see what he thinks would be of interest to his class mates. Here is what he came up with

Jacobs Ladder,Which is one of my favourites, dates back to Egyption times.

Yoyo, got to be another firm favourite.

Football Rattle, hope this isn't going to cause too much noise!


Becks said...

How fortunate that he has a whole toystore at his disposal :)
Lovely to see you around, I was thinking of you only the other day and then I somehow found this blog.

Toniann said...

Aw Becks how lovely to hear from you ! Hope you and yours are all keeping well x