Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mothering Sunday, 14th March 2010

In England the early Christians celebrated the Mother's festival.
They celebrated this festival in order to honour Mother Mary, who is the mother of Jesus Christ.
They decided to celebrate this festival on the fourth Sunday of Lent, Lent being the 40-day period, which leads up to Easter.
What is interesting is that later a religious order stretched this celebration to include all Mothers hence the occasion was known as "Mothering Sunday"
Gradually this festival gained so much importance that people working out of their homes were expected to return to the "Mother" church.
The "Mother" church is believed to have the spiritual power that not only gave all those people life but also protected them from any harm or so called danger. And this unique festival turned out to be an occasion for family reunions.
On this day people started attending church services in honor of the Virgin Mary. And later this practice became a tradition.
This festival gained so much significance that it was treated as the day when apprentices, servants and children specifically those working as domestic helps or as trainees, were given the day off so that they could visit their mother and family.
These people, realizing the warmth of the occasion used to come back home with several gifts, flowers and unique Mothering Day cakes to celebrate their reunion. This day became an occasion when people could spend one special day with their mothers. Even today the Mother's Day celebrations means the time for the children to express their love and concern towards their mums, and they do so by giving presents, flowers and other home made cards and crafts to their mothers.

I am a mum of 4 and my most favourite thing on mothers day would be a lie in (fat chance) breakfast in bed, a hug, an I love you and a lovely handmade card! what more could a mummy ask for!

I just wanted to add, my beautiful Mum is no longer with us so on Sunday I will remember what a remarkable woman she was and I will do as I do every year, buy daffodils and put them with the card I bought 5 years ago, have a cup of tea in the garden and remember her with fond memories. For all those Mothers that can not be with us x


Just Original said...

Hi Tonianne,

Hope this weekend is not to difficult for you! Lets hope the weather is good enough to go outside in the garden with a cup of tea!

Vanessa x

Toniann said...

Thanks Vanessa, Thats really kind of you and yes I will have a cuppa in the garden in memory of her, she would have liked that lol .

T x

Elaine, Littlesheep Learning said...

I am spending Mothering Sunday taking the children to church on my own and then going to stand in hte freezing cold watching Daddy run the half marathon at Silverstone... I guess as he is running for the NCT I can't complain too much!

Toniann said...

Hope you had a lovely day Elaine and it wasn't too cold for you! How did your husband do? Hope you raised a lot of money for the NCT