Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Nativity Costume Online Shop opens 5th November!

While Shepherds Watched is pleased to announce that their 2009 Online Shop will open on Thursday November 5th 2009. 'While Shepherds Watched' sells Handmade Children’s Nativity Costumes, and was set up and is run by Mum of two,Lucy Jiwa.

Lucy, who started the business in 2006, says "I am so pleased to be able to offer tunics made from Fairtrade Organic Cotton for the first time this year. After working closely with Bishopston Trading I now have a 'limited edition' range of Fairtrade certified cotton tunics that are just perfect for Shepherds, Joseph, Mary, Inn Keepers - just about any traditional Nativity role! I team these with appropriate head dresses and head bands, and you have distinctive, unusual and beautiful costumes for your little star.

The quality of these skilfully made outfits is unrivalled, which means the costume will last and last."'While Shepherds Watched' has always aimed to be the best place to buy affordable, great looking, handmade Nativity Costumes. Let them take one of the worries of the festive season away, and leave you free to enjoy seeing your little star shine!

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