Monday, 17 August 2009

Very Windy Weekend!

Last week was Knot Just Jigs very first visit to Long Eaton High Street and we are very glad to report we had a very sucessful 2 days, although the high winds did make me feel like Dorothy in the whirlwind scene of The Wizard of Oz at times !

The gorgeous little tote bags you can see on the left of the picture were very popular and their cuteness drew lots of people over to have a look. We did have our lovely Toy Soldier Bunting displayed around the gazebo for a while but the wind kept tangling it up so we had to take it down, such a pity really as it is absolutely lovely.

We have some lovely co-ordinating laundry bags that could also be used as a storage bag or p.e bag for school.

My Lovely friend's Lyndsay and her Mum Jane also had a stall but they were, quite wisely due to the wind in the large Marquee. Pretty Beatutiful sell some absolutely gorgeous things such as a fabulous selection of dried fruit wreaths, lavender hearts, candles in cups and much more....

This has to be one of my favourites


Vicky said...

We had a very windy weekend up here in orkney too - our trampoline almost blew away!!!

GORGEOUS little bags....and I love your friends wreaths.

Congratulations on a successful two days though.

Toniann (aka Ketty) said...

The bags are stunning Vicky, even better in real life ;)
Lyndsay has some really beautiful things and at such reasonable prices too!
Its still quite windy here today but not quite as bad as the weekend thank goodness!

Lyndsay said...

The toy soldier bunting looked gorgeous arond the top of the gazebo, and the rag dolls seemed to be a popular choice too when I was stall sitting!