Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rain,rain and more rain

Forgot to add and wind too! That what this weekends weather has been like at our West Bridgeford arts and craft fair. I do hope the long month weather forcasts are wrong as julys rainfall is well above average ! oh goodness thats all we need.

Knot Just Jigs aquired a new gazebo this week that got its first outing on friday, i was very chuffed to be able carry this one across the lawns and erect it all on my own! the wind was quite bad but we both survived the ordeal (i am so glad i made full use of the the tent pegs and had put in the spares) the rain didn't seem to bother it either, it had a couple of little drips but thats fine as on the whole it ticks all the boxes.

This week see's our Arts and Craft event at the lovely location of "The Square" in Beeston town centre, a thriving and busy town centre, surrounded by interesting areas of open space and countryside, there is definately something for everyone there.

We will be regulars of this location during 2009, if your in the area remember to come and say Hello!
22nd - 23rd May
24th - 25th July
25th - 26th September and a special Christmas event on
12th - 13th - 14th November

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